Hello! I'm Andreh!

Hi! My name is Erich André Steiner, but I'm called Andreh. Now I'm17 years old and I work as a trainee in the field of digital media design. I have a lot of diferent hobbies. Sometimes too much to do them all. I'm interested in architecture, but most ot the time I spend with photography and exploring old (ruinous) buildings. They tell us exciting stories of past times. I also like to make music since I am a child. When I was small I used to play the melodica. Later I took piano lessons. But I hate notes! That's the reasons why I gave up my pinao lessons. I'm definitely better in playing the piano without notes. So you see; I'm more a kind of creative person. I always get crazy ideas. So - in 2014 - I got the idea of composing modern music pieces for crank organs. Soon this fancy kind of music caught the attention of some local newspapers. But that's not all: Suddenly a TV channel invited me to a show. This event pushed me a lot, several positive experiences followed. So I decided to go on with my work. With new ideas I startet my new website "Andreh". But my biggest and most important project now is the realization of a completely new instrument based on a crank organ. In addition to the traditional pipes I want to add some drums and even the ability to play a big synthesizer with the rest of the organ. But I don't want to reveal too much: First plans will be released in a few month on this site.

Don't forget my dear technician:

My father Erich Edgar Steiner was packed from the "organ virus" at first. When he was a small child, he saw a barrel organ at a fairground. He was very fascinated by this instrument. When we were at the Orgelfest in Waldkirch in 2002 (this was my very first Orgelfest), there was no other issue than organs. My dad ate through all the literature, until he began his first restoration project a few years ago: The restoration of our first barrel organ!